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Shepard sighed contentedly, nudging Chakwas' shoulder with her nose. In response to the nuzzle, Dr. Chakwas flipped onto her side. She caressed Shepard's face, her thumb gently stroking the younger woman's cheek.

She leaned close, her hot breath sending Shepard into shivers as Chakwas slowly planted a soft peck on her lips.

Shepard kissed her more deeply, with sweet, lingering kisses. They were gentle kisses, good morning kisses.

"Hello," murmured Dr. Chakwas with a wry smile.

She fixed a tender kiss on the tip of Shepard's nose. Shepard made a little sigh and flopped on her back. Chakwas eased her torso over Shepard's, her left hand brushing the stray hair from Shepard's face, her right stroking Shepard's arm.

"Thanks, Chakwas," Shepard muttered.

"Of course," Chakwas said in a soft, chuckling voice. She gave Shepard another light kiss. "I've wanted to be with you for years."

A look of consternation crossed Shepard's face.

"The scars didn't faze you?"

The old doctor appeared confused.

"Scars?" She asked, offhandedly sweeping her hair out of her eye with one hand, though, in a move worthy of Veronica Lake, it dropped back into place.

"Before Cerberus brought me back," said Shepard wistfully. "I had scars from a life spent fighting."

"Oh," exclaimed Dr. Chakwas. "No, of course not. They gave your face character."

Chakwas gently traced a line that wasn't there anymore under Shepard's eye.

"I remember one here," said Chakwas. "Which was just beautiful."

Shepard smiled.

She spun over Chakwas, propping herself up on open palms, and kissing her hard. Chakwas laughed into the deep, plunging kiss and reciprocated it, twining her fingers into Shepard's mousey brown hair.

"Thank you, Shepard," she groaned huskily into Shepard's wet lips.
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